Chinese-English Parallel Corpora

The following Chinese-English parallel corpora downloads were developed by TranslateFX researchers and linguists for public use. The corpora is made of aligned sentence pairs from quality bilingual texts, covering the financial and legal domains in Hong Kong. The sources include government legislations and regulations, stock exchange announcements, financial offering documents, regulatory filings, regulatory guidelines, corporate constitutional documents and others. All the texts are from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong government websites.

Our collection is organized by source type and follows the .tsv file format.

Permission for use is subject to (i) the Apache 2.0 license and (ii) acknowledgement of TranslateFX as source of data along with links or references back to this page.

All corpora below are made available without warranty of any kind, explicit or implied. We specifically makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein.

For questions and inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Name Description Download License
HK-DOJ.tsv Press releases of the Department of Justice (2002 - 2019) Link Apache 2.0
HK-FSO.tsv Press releases of the Financial Secretary Office (2007 - 2019) Link Apache 2.0
HKEX-financial-statements.tsv Financial statements of listed corporations (2007 - 2019)Coming Soon Apache 2.0
HKEX-Listing-Rules.tsv Listing Rules Link Apache 2.0
HKEX-notifiable_transactions.tsv Notifiable transactions announced on the Stock Exchange (2007 - 2019) Coming Soon Apache 2.0
HKEX-Constitutional_Documents.tsv Constitutional documents of corporations listed on the Stock Exchange (2008 - 2019) Link Apache 2.0
HKEX-Debt_and_Structured_Products.tsv Debt and Structured Products listed on the Stock Exchange (2007 - 2019) Link Apache 2.0
HKEX-Listing_Documents.tsv Listing Documents published on the Stock Exchange (2007 - 2019) Link Apache 2.0
HKEX-Prospectuses.tsv Prospectuses published on the Stock Exchange (1999 - 2007) Link Apache 2.0
HKLII.tsv Hong Kong bilingual court decisions (1997 - 2017) Link Apache 2.0
HongKong-Legislation.tsv Hong Kong Legislation (updated as of October 2018) Link Apache 2.0
SFC-Executive-Speeches.tsv Speeches delivered by SFC Executives (2006 - 2019) Link Apache 2.0
SFC-Guideline.tsv SFC Guidelines (updated as of October 2018) Link Apache 2.0
SFC.tsv Offering documents of financial products (updated as of October 2018) Link Apache 2.0