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Expand your business across borders by saving half the time and at half the cost.

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We make translation teams 60%-80% more efficient at their job

Artificial intelligence software to improve translation of contracts, agreements, disclaimers, confidentiality agreements, licenses, research reports, corporate announcements, press releases, business plans, prospectuses, information memorandums, terms and conditions, financial reports and many more.

Bespoke Custom Solutions

We understand every organization is different. We develop software according to your team's existing workflows, and train AI models based on your needs.

Strict Confidentiality

Your business privacy & confidentiality is taken seriously. We employ enterprise-grade security/protocols to ensure your data is private & secure.

AI-powered Tools

Our technology allows organizations to quickly translate professional documents with accuracy and consistency.

Plug into our Human Workforce

Employ certified TranslateFX translators to assist you (or your team) with heavy or sudden workloads.

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