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Published on 01 Apr 05:13 by Sam Yip
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TranslateFX Best sites to hire professional translators

The hiring process of a professional translator can often be tedious—it often requires a search for translators or agencies with the relevant expertise and language skills, as well as a lot of back and forth on the job quote and inquiry.

Fortunately, there are websites that enable businesses to post jobs or hire translators with minimal hassle. Below are 4 popular sites where businesses can engage professional translators:

1. Translators Café

Translators Café is one of the largest online directories of translators, interpreters and translation agencies. It is also an online community and forum where among professional translators. Businesses may post a job on the site, or search for professional translators or agencies. Payments are paid directly to translators with no escrow accounts.

2. SmartCAT

SmartCAT is an all-in-one platform connecting businesses and professional translators into a streamlined content delivery loop. SmartCAT streamlines the translation process by allowing the translator, editor, and other contributors to work and collaborate in real time. The platform leverages the technology of translation memories, allowing translators to create glossaries for consistent translations.

3. ProZ

ProZ is one of the world’s largest translation network. Businesses can easily search for professional translators by their language, expertise, location, experience, CAT tool and software skills, client rating etc. It is also a portal for professional translators who wish to collaborate on terms translation, dictionaries, training as well as receive discounts on translation tools.

4. American Translators Association

For those looking for translators based in the US, American Translators Association would usually be the first place to look for professional translators. ATA offers a certification exam that allows translators to demonstrate that they meet certain standards of the translation profession, and their directory would show you the accreditation and certification of each translator, giving you the peace of mind when you proceed with a hire.

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