Private Banking Digest - 8 June 2020

Published on 08 Jun 13:48 by Sam Yip
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TranslateFX Private Banking Digest - 8 June 2020

What has been happening in the private banking space? Below is a bi-weekly roundup, curated by TranslateFX's editor:

Digital Private Banking: Time For Breakthrough?

Several digital wealth managers have launched new offerings recently, despite the coronacrisis. They may be about to write private-banking history – if they learn from the failures of their predecessors ... [read more]

Singapore banks draw rising deposits from protest-hit Hong Kong

Singapore’s banks have attracted record fund inflows over the past 12 months from foreign deposit holders including those in rival Asian financial hub Hong Kong, the city state said on Friday ... [read more]

Bank of Singapore’s private banking assets rise despite political turmoil, Hong Kong CEO says

Bank of Singapore’s greater China operations saw a 10 per cent increase in assets under management in first quarter ... [read more]

Private Banking: A Crisis Foretold

Despite private bankers’ cherished self-image of timeless solidity, the last crisis—the great financial crisis of 2008—re-taught them their business is cyclical. In flush markets, the rich not only get richer, they multiply ... [read more]

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